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The healthcare needs of every resident are as individualized as their personalities. At Weakley County Rehabilitation & Nursing Center we see a wide range of healthcare issues from Compression Fractures caused by Osteoporosis, Fractures from falls, Pneumonia, CVA, and COPD to name a few that we commonly see in our community.

As our Baby Boomer generation ages we have also seen an increase in the need for short term therapy to improve the success of joint replacements for patients that are not ready for the traditional nursing home setting. The recovery from these and other common issues are more often than not slowed or made more difficult by the complications caused by aging. We understand that each patient has different limitations and at times the road to recovery can be difficult.

This is why we create an individualized plan of care based on each patient’s unique situation including their injury, the goals they wish to accomplish through therapy, and a pace that is comfortable for the patient. We build a plan that will help nurture the patient not only physically but also socially. We often incorporate games and other activities that are relevant to the muscle groups or joints worked in the therapy sessions to make the process of recovery more pleasant.

Our therapy, nursing, and support staff all live in the community we serve, and in most cases, our residents have a personal connection with our employees created from our community. Serving our community is the most important goal at Weakley County Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. We feel that the personal connections that are found with our staff and residents are the key to the success of reaching our common goals.

Therapy Program

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is focused on recovery of strength and mobility in a patient’s muscles and joints, and can also be used to treat or alleviate chronic pain. Physical therapy is used to restore function to the body that may have been lost or compromised following surgery or an injury. Physical therapy sessions typically include strength increasing exercises and joint focused exercises.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on retraining the muscles to perform the everyday functions of life. Some of the specific tasks that an Occupational Therapist will assist you with are eating, bathing, doing laundry, cooking, playing games and many other everyday activities. These everyday tasks that we take for granted have to be relearned and in some cases performed in a different way after an injury or major surgery. Occupational Therapy is often practiced in conjunction with physical therapy and is adaptive to each patient’s lifestyle, goals and living environment upon discharge.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy works to assist in the recovery of function and sensation of the face and throat. Speech therapy is primarily used for patients who have suffered from a stroke, had an injury or in some case dementia. Your Speech Therapist will work with you to improve the use of muscles in the throat and face that are vital to speaking and swallow properly. Its main focus is swallowing techniques, recovery of speech and the correction of cognitive deficiencies. Speech Therapy is also very helpful for patients with dementia to decrease confusion. VitalStim Therapy for dysphagia or difficulty swallowing is a very effective procedure that is used when appropriate for patients.

Our Therapy Staff

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